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What is a Facebook Pixel?

The Facebook pixel is a piece of code that is placed on your website in order to track user behavior. It can track every visitors’ interaction on your website after they have clicked on your Facebook ad.

If you are running Facebook ads currently, or planning to in the future, it’s essential that you have the Facebook pixel set up correctly on your website. It will allow you to understand the true performance of the campaigns you are running and help you build up a good picture of your audience.

The pixel can also provide an invaluable insight into your businesses marketing strategy, providing you with metrics such as your click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate. These are important as they can help you to understand how successful your ad campaigns are to your audience and how many people took the desired action on your website as a result of your Facebook ad.

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What does the pixel track?

Once set up the Facebook pixel will track nine standard events on your website. These are:

  • View content: Someone lands on a page on your website.
  • Search: Someone uses the search function to look for something on your site.
  • Add to cart: Someone adds a product to their shopping cart on your site.
  • Add to Wishlist: Someone adds a product to a Wishlist on your site.
  • Initiate checkout: Someone starts the checkout process to buy something from your site.
  • Add payment info: Someone enters their payment information in the purchase process on your website.
  • Make a purchase: Someone completes a purchase on your website.
  • Lead: Someone signs up for a trial or otherwise identifies themselves as a lead on your site.
  • Complete registration: Someone completes a registration form on your site, such as for a subscription product.

The pixel can also be modified to track custom events. These are events which are more specific to your business and not covered by standard events.

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