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Why is SEO important?

Right now, many of your customers are searching on Google for information about the products or services you provide. How many do you think will find your website instead of your competitors?

Ensuring you are optimising your website for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) performance is hugely important if you want to perform favourably in Google and Bing search engine results.

Is your website performing as well as it could? If not, it’s time to take action. We can help!

Perhaps you’re not getting enough traffic to your site, or getting enough sales or leads through your website. Maybe a very low number of people visiting your website are taking action. Sound familiar? Let’s do something about it.

Our SEO and Website Review is designed as a starting point to a better website, SEO and online performance. So take the first step today. Fill in your details and we will send you a detailed but easy-to-understand report, along with actions you can take to begin improving your website and SEO performance.



Need A Hand With SEO?

SEO can be a complex topic if it’s a fairly new concept. Google’s regular algorithm updates can make it tricky to keep up with SEO whilst running a business. If you need a hand optimising your website and improving your Google rankings, we are here to help with exactly that!

Feel free to get in touch, send an email to Our website, marketing and SEO team experts would be happy to assist you with any questions.

What our clients think

We’ve been helping businesses like yours achieve their goals for over 10 years!

I have been using Ravenswood Media for 5 years and all I can say is they are the most professional and trustworthy company I have ever come across. We will keep on using them, very good value.

Splashernet Avatar

We have been working with Greg and the Ravenswood media team for the last 7 years as one of their first clients. It has always been a pleasure working with them and we have watched the... read more

Insight Publishers Avatar
Insight Publishers

Ravenswood built and manage our eCommerce website, including technical integration with our ePOS systems. This has resulted in a much improved revenue stream for the company over the past few years. They are proactive in their... read more

Vinegar Hill Avatar
Vinegar Hill

I've known Greg for a long time so him and his team were and obvious choice. They have done a fantastic job creating our new companys logo, branding, Facebook page, van signage, website & stationery. Trustworthy... read more

Bridgwater Plumbing Avatar
Bridgwater Plumbing